Life at SRG

Charlie Love, SRG’s Group CFO joined in October 2018. Charlie’s role primarily involves managing the profitability of the Group and ensuring the Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) investments the Group makes are profitable and of the right strategic direction for the firm.

Charlie sits on the Group Board and other leadership committees, working on the Senior Leadership Team to set the strategic direction for the firm.

What do you enjoy about working at SRG?

“Firstly, it is the people. We are at nearly 300 colleagues and throughout the Group there are some incredibly interesting and talented people all at different stages of their careers. It’s a real privilege to come into the office, to learn from them, work with them, contribute as a team and hopefully get a good outcome for SRG.

The other is the opportunity. With our owners, the Management Team and the organisation we’ve created, we have a unique opportunity to really grow ahead of the market. Since I joined the Group, we have gone from £20 million of revenue to £40 million of revenue through 2020. That’s significant growth and we’ve only just started to realise it.”

How would you summarise the culture of the group?

“We are building a culture of inclusion, transparency, communication and doing difficult things well! I’ve found the culture really welcoming, I feel like we’re a family; a team working collectively for the right goals.”

Please describe the recent growth of the company since you joined in 2018?

“When I joined the Group, we were Miles Smith. We were a company with nearly 100 years of rich history, £20 million of revenue, £200 million of premium and 200 colleagues. Now, we are at 300 colleagues, £40 plus million revenue, and £350 million of GWP; we’ve had extraordinary growth through the hard work of colleagues, but also through carefully selected, strategic acquisitions.

The three businesses we welcomed to SRG over the course of 2019 are starting to make a real difference to the overall Group and where we are going, I look forward to welcoming many more over the next year and beyond.”

What are the leadership groups strongest qualities?

“Firstly – we are a team. I’ve seen many leadership groups where it’s a group of individuals doing what they do well, but not really co-operating, so having us actually be a team, having our own strengths and weaknesses and being aware of that and supporting each other is a great step.

Secondly, we embrace change. Reminiscing now to when we started, it looks and feels incredibly different in a number of positive ways. In energy, in opportunity and optimism, and in vision and clarity. We have a strategy; we talk about where we are going, and this has had a very powerful effect on the business appetite.

Since Warren has joined, he has done an incredible job of bringing energy, enthusiasm, clarity, communication, decision making and action to the Group. Warren creates a common cause, and we are very lucky to have him.”

What are you most proud of about your time at SRG so far?

“There’s been so many things I could pick, but I think it’s the people stories. Watching teams own their own narrative and to grow into their roles and then then the next roles beyond that. We have some incredibly talented people and the thing I’m most proud of is seeing those people develop and being able to contribute to that.”

What are you most looking forward to in the future?

“Other than seeing my daughter going to school in the not-so-distant future…since joining I couldn’t have predicted sitting here talking about the things we have delivered so far, so what I’m looking forward to is the opportunity. To work with fantastic colleagues, starting with Warren and Lee, to see people develop, to outperform the market…. but obviously my daughter wins!”