Life at SRG

Georgia Green joined SRG in April 2019 and works as part of the shared platform of services within the group. She is a Marketing Executive and works with the retail brands within the Group producing and managing all marketing materials.

Why did you join SRG?

“I joined SRG during a phase of transition and during my interview, I was told about the future direction of the company and it was definitely something I wanted to be involved in. I also knew people who worked at SRG, so I was fortunate enough to have an insight of what a great company it was!”

What do you enjoy about working at SRG? (work and socially)

“Before working at SRG I was never a morning person, but now I commute an hour and a half during the early hours to get to work, which says everything for me! It’s a job I look forward to getting out of bed for every day, I love it, the people are so much fun, and I feel grateful to feel so positive about work and my career. The social aspect is also great, the company put on social events throughout the year, which gives us all a chance to get together and catch up outside of work.”

Tell me a bit about the opportunity for you to development professionally at SRG?

“Since joining SRG, I have made considerable developments, both professionally and personally, which feels surreal and I really have the company to thank for bringing me out of my shell. SRG’s rapid growth signifies the increasing opportunities for further professional development within the company, so I feel very confident about my future at SRG. The company actively encourage professional development, such as qualifications in insurance or specifically for me, a qualification in marketing like CIM.

Recently, SRG have launched High Potential (HiPo) program, which provides employees with the skills and experience to be a future leader in the company. It is reassuring to know that SRG are so focused on internal progression, and I will definitely be applying for the program in future!”

Can you tell me a bit about your thoughts on the leadership team?

“Warren and Lee (the Group CEO and COO) joined SRG after me, and it has been amazing to see the changes they have implemented since joining the company – it has gone from strength to strength. The entire leadership team are incredibly experienced and influential, they all have fantastic reputations in the insurance market, and they are a pleasure to work with.”

What are you most proud of about your time at SRG so far?

“I was heavily involved in the creation of the Specialist Risk Group brand, so seeing it come together as it has, is definitely my proudest achievement. As a team, we have managed to bring the brand to life and seeing it portray our bold position in the market is incredible. The new brand has bought together the different companies within the Group, helping us feel as one, with a shared vision and strategy, it feels really exciting.

 It was also a funny, but unforgettable moment when Warren decided to name the green in our colour palette after me – thanks Warren!”

What are you most looking forward to about your future at SRG?

“In my opinion, the future of SRG looks extremely positive! I am looking forward to playing a part in helping the company reach its strategic objectives through marketing. I work predominantly in the retail aspect of the business, Specialist Risk Insurance Solutions, where there is plenty of exciting projects coming up that I can’t wait to be involved in, and see the business develop even further.”