Life at SRG

Nick Porter joined Miles Smith in December 2011 as part of Miles Smith’s acquisition of a Lloyds broker in the Summer of that year. He has held a range of roles since then, working his way up from filing, to Motor Administration, Account Handling for Liability policies, Broking in Lloyds for Waste and Recycling, and then maintaining Broker Partner relationships.

Nick is now a Corporate Relationship Manager for Specialist Risk Insurance Solutions (SRIS), looking after insurers, third party suppliers as well as ensuring we maintain superb service levels to over 8000 SME customers. He also recently joined the Executive Committee for SRIS.

What do you enjoy about working at SRG?

“It’s predominantly about the people internally. Over the years I’ve dealt with a wide variety of people and gained a lot of knowledge, drawing in experience, learning from them as I’ve progressed and grown-up. I was quite fresh-faced when I joined and all the people along the way have helped me grow and develop into the person I am today.

At the moment I’m really enjoying the strategic side of the business which I’m fortunate to be part of – something that, over the last 12 months, has progressed quite quickly. The experience I’ve had over the past three years in my role as a Corporate Relationship Manager I now use for Specialist Risk Insurance Solutions with the sales and strategic side of the business.”

Tell me a bit about the opportunities for professional development for you at SRG?

“There has always been the ability to do your CII qualifications or other professional qualifications, go on third party courses, attend training from insurers who also bring you up to speed with topical issues and the latest legislation. Last year I went on a three-day sales course in the Cotswolds. There is lots of training available.

In addition to this, there is a wealth of experience with the existing staff who are able to train you and pass on their experience. For me this was my colleagues and underwriters. I’ve also recently been made part of the retail business Executive Committee which means I get exposure to very senior Directors who have a wealth of experience that I can draw on.

There are numerous opportunities at SRG and they are exponentially bigger due to the growth ambitions of the organisation. There really are opportunities for people at all levels and for me it’s been really beneficial.

I’ve also been accepted onto the Aviva Future Leaders Programme for brokers who have been identified in their current business to learn about how to manage a brokerage and to improve the broking industry overall.”

Can you tell me a bit about your thoughts on the leadership team?

“It’s an extremely exciting time within Specialist Risk Insurance Solutions; there are complementary areas of businesses coming together. We’ve got likeminded business leaders with complementary industry specialisms which means we can expand into new trade areas and sectors that are completely new to us because we now have greater scalability.

There’s also a professional structure in place and a lot of accountability for senior leaders which then trickles down the organisation resulting in when we say we are going to deliver something, it gets delivered.

In the last two months we have already had two Executive Committee Meetings and there have been loads of positive actions and decisions that have been made that are being implemented. They’ve all been followed up, dealt with, pushed on and I think there is a momentum being driven by the Leadership Team that will see results quickly.

Decisions that are being made are done so collectively and all sides of an argument are weighed up and an agreement from around the table is used.”

What are you most proud of about your time at SRG so far?

“It changes over time but getting the exposure of being on the Excom and at the same time being accepted onto the Aviva Future Leaders Programme within three days of each other. It was fantastic news back to back.”

What are you most looking forward to in the future?

“I’m really looking forward to having a joined-up method to all our retail businesses with a best of breed approach which means we can deliver on all the sales and strategic work we want to deliver on in 2020. I am also really looking forward to when SRIS becomes a name that people know and respect.”